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Our client, an investment company in Middlesex asked us to create an ABBA-themed magic to make this event a groovy disco extravaganza.  The weather on the day was fabulous, with the sun illuminating the vibrant festival flags and shimmering disco balls, setting the stage for an unforgettable ABBA experience. Guests were greeted with cocktails, while an ABBA tribute band serenaded them, instantly transporting everyone to the disco era.

Later, everyone then gathered under the glittering disco ball an ABBA-themed awards ceremony to honour and celebrate outstanding achievements.

Mamma Mia Spirit Award:
Super Trouper Performance Award:
Waterloo Collaboration Award:
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme Innovation Award:

ABBA-rrific Leadership Award:
Fernando Resilience Award:
Money, Money, Money Financial Excellence Award:
Chiquitita Caring and Support Award:
Thank You for the Team-Building Award: